Friday, the first day of the Merano Wine Festival, has traditionally been dedicated to bio&dynamica, the selected overview of wineries that practice natural, organic and/or biodynamic viticulture.
This section, established in 2005, will present for the 10th year  90 Italian and European winemakers who have chosen to grow their grapes and produce their wines “the natural way”, following Steiner's philosophy, but always with the main objective of safeguarding and promoting the territory by adopting sustainable viticulture that respects nature.

It was Rudolf Steiner who inspired biodynamic agriculture, aimed at sustainable production that respects the ecosystem of the land. These wines, and the systems used to care for the land and vines, and to work the grapes, represent an important response for all those today who want more respect for nature and greater attention in every step of the winemaking process. bio&dynamica is a space that is growing together with the entire Merano Wine Festival, getting more and more professionals involved in examining this particular sector and proposing ongoing discussions about the products as well as the outlets that are opening up and continue to increase in the various markets.

Biodynamic wines have taken on an increasingly significant role, especially in French viticulture, thanks to Nicolas Joly. Although there are no explicit references in European wine regulations for biodynamic viticulture and winemaking, the production of these wines is becoming progressively widespread and practised. If there is one distinctive aspect of biodynamic wine, it is its connection with the soil, its fertility and its cultivation techniques. In other words, the so-called "wine-making phase", an expression connected with terroir, becomes important. What, for example, defines a biodynamic process? Cooling in vats, control over fermentation through temperature while not compromising must quality and the careful choices of the most popular wine-making techniques.




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