In the space of the GourmetArena, it is thus time for the most fast-paced encounters. A cross between a game and a real contest, the Merano Chef Challenge adds new adrenaline to show cooking. This is top-flight cooking expressed through the confident gestures of starred chefs, the thoughtful choice of recipes, the quantities, and the skilful mix of the colours and flavours of the ingredients. Therefore, this is about creating of the dish of dishes, the recipe that makes the encounter-competition of the top Italian chefs a truly memorable event. A prize, a first place, will be awarded, but in this combination of a game and a challenge, all the dishes will be worth framing, precisely because of the high standing of the leading players and their great professional expertise.

For a new frontier in cooking, there are 12 good reasons to cook behind the Arca by Inoxpiù, combinated with the wines of Le Tenute di Genagricola. There are many roads less travelled waiting to be discovered, perhaps to reveal something new at the end of this journey. These new chefs, chosen by Helmut Köcher, will certainly lead the way to unpredictable gastronomic experiences.


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