The Merano International WineFestival, the brainchild of three friends from Merano with a passion for fine wine and gourmet food, debuted in 1992 in the elegant rooms of the city’s five-star Hotel Palace.

The GourmetClub Südtirol - Alto Adige was founded at the same time.

The event’s innovative approach, with the vintners on hand at the wine-tasting sessions, generated a dialogue between producers and visitors and permitted an exchange of opinion about the wines being tasted. For the very first time, enthusiasts had the chance to meet Italian and foreign winemakers without having to take long trips or face endless queues at overcrowded events.

The success of the first Festival far exceeded the rosiest expectations. The initial commitment, with only a few modest means of communication, attracted over a thousand Italian and foreign visitors, and the GourmetClub Südtirol - Alto Adige immediately gained numerous new members.

Over the past twenty years the Festival has kept its unique appeal because it has remained very close to its initial size, allowing it to devote all the time needed for visitors to taste the wines and exchange opinions with the exhibitors.

The GourmetClub Südtirol - Alto Adige became the Gourmet’s International company in 1993.

The objectives have remained exactly the same as they were at the very beginning, particularly that of serving as ambassadors of quality in the world of wine and food, and of selecting for the public only the very best – worldwide – in the areas of wine, food, restaurants and accommodation.

Gourmet’s International has organized numerous exclusive events around the world: in London, Prague, Budapest, Munich, Vienna, Bratislava, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Zurich, Kiev, Hamburg, Cologne and Rome.

In 2012 the EuroTour, an important moment for the promotion of Italian products, travelled to two major European cities, Vienna and Munich, presenting selected producers from the Merano WineFestival to enthusiasts and European professionals working in this industry.

“Year after year, our work involves choosing the highest quality for wine lovers and gourmets and then presenting it in an exclusive setting. After all, we ourselves are our most demanding customers.”

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