Gourmet’s International handles the planning, organization and staging of exclusive events in the field of viticulture and winemaking. The company boasts great experience and knowledge in the area of prestigious international wines and the careful selection of winemakers.

Fine Food

Gourmet’s International furthermore realizes high-profile culinary events, selecting ingredients and products guaranteed to be genuine, from Italy and around the world. The company also organizes and manages show-cooking and presentations with the participation of famous chefs. Lastly, it is expert in the careful selection of producers and companies offering culinary products.

Wine Tasting

Every year Gourmet’s International organizes and manages tastings of more than 5,000 wines through ten tasting committees responsible for evaluations. Furthermore, the company handles the tasting and evaluation of over 4,000 gourmet foods annually.


Annual publication of a Wine Guide (XXIIIrd edition 2014) and information with newsletters and blogs; award of the Merano Wine & Culinaria Award mark of quality for selected wine and food companies.


Gourmet’s International sets up, organizes and manages training seminars, update meetings and various types of courses, both independently and in collaboration with partners, institutions and universities. The company also organizes wine-tasting, food and culinary courses. Lastly, it creates presentations in the general field of wine, cooking and fine food.

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