Merano WineFestival XXV

The international wine&food excellence

Helmuth Köcher has been defining the boundaries ad contents of the adventure of making wine in Italy and abroad since 1992. An event that goes beyond the spectacle and cannot be considered a trade fair, but one of the most exclusive places and occasions for all industry operators.

For 24 years, information, culture and high society meet in Merano to take part in a multifaceted event, filled with opportunities for making acquaintances and meeting and comparing notes, where the recurring keyword is always “excellence”.

The Official Merano Wine & Culinaria Selection

The Official Merano Wine Festival Selection represents the very best of Italian and international food and wine production. The expression of a territory and its excellences.

The Official Merano Wine Festival Selection is not just the result of the careful selection by 10 tasting commissions, but above all it is the expression of high quality food and wine production.

Quality expressed in the presence of 300 cellars and 100 artisans of Italian taste, as well as 150 international wine producers, chosen by the Festival Director from amongst the winners of the Merano Wine Award.


And more…


bio&dynamica: a sector that just keeps growing. For more than 10 years, the Festival has dedicated the first day to the best Italian wines produced organically, biodynamically and naturally.

Beer Passion: artisan flavour becomes beer. An important item of the drinks sector, beer is increasingly becoming the opportunity to create a high level product that is carefully thought out and conceived as a proper status and lifestyle.

Consortium: the Italian protection consortia are presented within the Gourmet Arena.

Chef’s Challenge: in the spectacle of show-cooking, there is always a great school dictating the actions and choices of the great chefs. An inevitable step for any gastronomic event, the appointment tells how it is possible to create haute cuisine through the professionalism of great chefs.

Merano Wine Forum: The future of wine in Europe, in light of climate change. A couple of days of congresses, seminars, workshops for discussion, a comparison of notes and updates on the future of wine in Italy and Europe.
In collaboration with FareCantine.

Charity Wine Master Classes: guided tasting sessions of prestigious wines the revenues of which are given to charity. Accompanying the public, with competence and passion, in their discovery of a wine, defining each organoleptic and territorial aspect.

Merano Wine & Club Excellence: the valuable work of bringing the best of world wine production into Italy. Winning choices and painstaking work, an eye for detail and the capacity to imagine what are and will be the inclinations of the experts’ taste. An important section; a bridge between Merano and the world.

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