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Year after year, from 1992 up to the present day, Helmuth Koecher has drawn the map and filled in the content of this whole winemaking adventure in Italy and abroad. It is an exhibition that is not just a spectacular event in its own right but also one that has established itself as an exclusive occasion where all those working in the wine industry can get together. Information, culture and the social world of wine are united at the Kurhaus, that Art Nouveau building in the heart of Merano which is itself the pearl of the Alps.


Every year the enthusiastic and skilled work of 10 tasting boards creates the event knows as the “festival” and offers us an event that is unique of its kind. Fine wines and haute gastronomie are brought together with the simple unifying idea of “true excellence”. More than 500 selected Italian and international vintners and over a hundred producers of the very best in gastronomy are at the heart of what is on offer here, bringing to the event a selection of the highest quality products available on the market.


A multifarious event that offers many opportunities for meeting, learning from and comparing ideas with others in the industry, the Merano WineFestival is a structured space within which dedicated sections have been created for specific sectors.


Cult2014: this is something completely new to the world of wine exhibitions. A wish come true for Helmuth Koecher, Cult2014 simultaneously presents the 40 most prestigious wine producers in Italy. It is very much a chance to get close to a fine selection of wines with a rich and historical heritage.


bio&dynamica: the rhythm and logic of nature defines those wines we call organic, biodynamic and natural. These wines have come to acquire a particular and ever more precise identity over the years. They embody a vision, a philosophy and a flavour to which the greatest attention is paid at our festival.


Culinaria: high quality gastronomy is an absolute essential to gain entry to this exciting section. The careful section of products of real excellence takes the visitors on a journey among the best and most exclusive in the great traditions of Italian and international gastronomy.


Chef’s Challenge: within the cooking show spectacle there is always a great school behind the work as well as the choice of great cooks. Like every great gastronomic event the meeting shows how the best cuisine is achieved through the professionalism of great chefs.


Beer Passion: the artisan’s knowledge is turned into beer. An important component of the beverage sector, beer has increasingly represented an opportunity to create truly highest level products that are conceived of in terms of status life style choices. As ever our section here is rich and exhaustive.


Club Excellence: the great work of bringing to Italy the very best in world wine production. Winning choices and meticulous work, attention to detail and the skill to anticipate what the trends and tastes there will be among the connoisseurs. This is an important section that represents a bridge between Merano and the world outside.


Wine Master Classes: guided tastings of prestigious fine wines. Led with competence and passion to a real understanding of a wine, savouring its taste, flavours and the heritage of its origin. This is in a sense the very workshop at the heart of the MWF.


GourmetArena: the 300 metres of marquee along the side of the Kurhaus is home to our food halls as well also to the winegrowers’, and brewers’ groups and the kitchen equipment sector. Our cooking shows will take place at the very end of this marquee.



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