Milano FOOD&WINE Festival

With more than 6000 visitors, the Milano FOOD&WINE Festival celebrates its success for the 4th time!


On an area of 1400 sqm more than 60 wineries personally selected by Helmuth Köcher, president and initiator of the Merano WineFestival and 19 internationally renowned chefs made the program colorful and interesting.

The chefs are selected by Paolo Marchi,  organizer of Identità Golose. They will create tasty dishes and demonstrate their creative ideas to the audience.  It is our target to offer the best of both sectors to the lovers of the bonne cuisine and the fine wine in a unique surround: the great kitchen and the best wines from Italy, Europe and the world. Both the Identità Golose and the Merano WineFestival didn’t want to draw the line between the two events, but with a cooperation they want to give everybody the possibility to discover and exchange new tastes. We want to continue this line, that Helmuth Köcher and Paolo Marchi took.

Milano FOOD&WINE Festival 2015
Food&Wine Festival Milano
L'abbinamento dei piatti degli Chef con i vini scelti da Helmuth Köcher
Massimo Bottura alla presentazione del suo piatto.

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